“The unity of all the nations is the compelling future of the world. But for the unity of all nations to be possible, each nation must first realise its own unity.”
(The Mother)


Welcome to AUM 2013

Discovering the soul of America: A step in human unity

June 20–23, 2013

Photos, videos, and written materials from AUM 2013 are available here.

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The fierce urgency of global need and “the demand of the Time-Spirit on the human race that it find subjectively, not only in the individual, but in the nation and in the unity of the human race, its real self and live according to that” (Sri Aurobindo), inspired this conference as an offering to the evolutionary work of the Divine Mother.

This ALL USA Meeting (AUM) brings participants an opportunity to discover the true soul of the USA as a part of their personal and collective yoga.

Activities include presentations, interactive exercises, guided meditations, artistic expression, group sharing, a Native solstice ceremony, and musical performances.


Jackson WellSprings in Ashland, Oregon, is a natural hot springs and event center on 30 acres, located approximately three miles from downtown Ashland and a half mile from the conference hotel.

Over the last two decades, Native peoples and other local residents have come together on this site in ceremonies for themselves and this land to heal past disputes and bring a new integrated harmony.


The nation soul and individual yoga

American Soul

An experience of the soul of the USA can be an essential support for the inner evolution of all participants. Both our nation’s soul qualities and their ego distortion are part of us.

Spiritual work on the national part of our identity contributes both to the healing and transformation of our nation and to our personal evolution.

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother were clear that this work is crucial to reach a real human unity and a balanced personal yoga.

Native Americans and the soul of the United States

Native American culture and spirituality carry core dimensions of our nation’s soul. Europeans and other immigrants from all over the world contributed other essential aspects of the soul-being of this country.

Because of the devastating history of contact and colonization on Native peoples, these dimensions are not well integrated. Integration and healing require commemorating and honoring the spiritual and cultural heritage of all national soul-partners. Without reintegrating the contributions of Native peoples to the nation’s soul, its expression in national life will likely remain distorted or incomplete.

Auroville and the discovery of nation souls

The Auroville community in India is becoming a model city for applied human unity. We invite all participants, including Native Americans, to contribute to the discovery of the American-USA soul and its expression in the International Zone of Auroville.

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Voices from Auroville and the worldwide Integral Yoga community in response to AUM 2013

"Already in November when the first news of your invitation reached out I felt: GREAT event and launch for America and the world."

"This year's conference sounds to be important and I feel that the inclusion of our indigenous brothers and sisters is most important."

"Thank you for all the good work around AUM 2013. Its importance is far beyond what people are aware of. This is the
time for nourishing the collective shift toward human unity."

"Your initiative to organize the conference to discover the soul of USA is very, very interesting . . .
Try to connect Auroville International and tell them about your conference.
I think the same conference should be organized in each country and complete research should be published in Internet."

"The AUM conference sounds very interesting. The focus on the soul of America and the integration of the Native American
element of this country is timely."