Sri Aurobindo Association in the USA


AUM 2013 schedule

Thursday, June 20

2–5:00 p.m. Check-in at Jackson WellSprings to get AUM folder and meal badge
5:30 Dinner at Jackson WellSprings
7:00 Welcome to the AUM—John Robert Cornell
7:15 Welcome to Jackson WellSprings—Gerry Lehrburger
7:30–7:45 Opening blessing
7:45–8:15 Seeds and aims of this AUM, an inner sharing—Soleil Lithman, Wolfgang Schmidt-Reinecke, John Robert
8:30–9:15 Giving and receiving, an introductory exercise—Soleil

Friday, June 21

7:15 a.m. Awareness through the Body—Julian and Wendy Lines
9:00 Welcome to the day—John Robert
9:15–9:45 Guided Layers of the Heart meditation—Soleil
9:50–10:40 The evolution of nation souls, a slide presentation—Wolfgang
10:40–11:00 Break
11:00–11:40 Personal spiritual practice and the nation soul—Ashesh Joshi
11:50–12:30 Roots of American democracy in Iroquois tradition
12:30 p.m. Buffet lunch
1:30–2:15 Spiritual ecology: All our relations and world peace—David West
2:20 Solstice ceremony—Woman Stands Shining
3:30 Break
3:50–5:15 Breakout choices:
  1. Drum journey—Woman Stands Shining
  2. Energy flow yoga—Sue Valentine
  3. Pool and spa use
5:30 Dinner buffet with World Cafe tables
6:45–9:15 Evening program on Auroville
  6:45 Public attendees for Auroville evening come in from 6:45-7:00
  7:00 Auroville: A Dream of the Divine, an introductory film
  7:30 Brief overview of Auroville and the International Zone: Why Auroville is at this conference—B Sullivan
  7:45 Impressions of Auroville’s stunning meditation center, the Matrimandir, with Nadaka’s music
  8:00–8:30 Auroville’s vision and reality, a panel discussion —Julian Lines, moderator
  8:30–9:30 Breakout choices:
  1. Small-group discussions on Auroville
  2. The Teachings of Flowers, a gorgeous film on the Mother’s spiritual significance of flowers

Saturday, June 22

7:15 a.m. Awareness through the Body—Julian and Wendy
9:00 Welcome to the day—Soleil
9:15 Gathering soul qualities and shadow apects of the USA, a group exercise—Wolfgang
10:10 Science of right relations: Place—Woman Stands Shining
11:00 Break
11:20–12:30 Breakout choices:
  1. Aspects of the Divine Mother, a meditative and artistic workshop—Woman Stands Shining and Raina Imig
  2. Introduction to Integral Yoga—Ashesh Joshi
  3. Collective sound journey into the American soul with Russian bells—Vera Lipen
12:30 p.m. Buffet lunch
2:00–2:45 The American soul in popular culture—Michael Miovic
3:00–3:45 Breakout choices:
  1. Exploring geo-spiritual influences on American music—Michael Miovic
  2. Sacred animal communication—Barbara Shor
  3. Auroville International USA and Integral Yoga centers in the USA: Presentations and updates
4:00 Breakouts:
  1. Guided tour of Ashland Plaza, Lithia Park, and Shakespeare Theater (returns at 5:15)—Savitra and Vitaly Geyman
  2. Energy flow yoga—Sue
  3. Pool and spa use
5:30 Dinner
6:45–9:30 Evening music program:
  6:45 Public attendees for music program come in from 6:45-7:00
  7:00–7:20 Native-inspired music—Nancy Bloom
  7:20 Introduction of Nadaka and Gopika—Soleil
  7:25–8:30 Chants and rhythms of India—Nadaka and Gopika. (Free for everyone registered for AUM, $15 for non-AUM attendees.)
  8:30–9:30 Breakout choices:
  1. Dance/movement music (compiled by Lynda Lester)—introduced by Soleil
  2. Dreamkeeper, a film of sacred stories in cooperation with Native American and Canadian tribes

Sunday, June 23

7:15–8 a.m. Awareness through the Body—Julian and Wendy
9:00 Welcome to the day—Wolfgang
9:10–11:20 Working with positive and negative qualities of the nation through movement, dyad, and group exercises
  Bringing the soul of America to one’s heart—Wolfgang and Soleil
11:20 Break
11:40 AUM summary, AUM statement, closing circle—John Robert, Soleil, Wolfgang
12:30 p.m. Lunch
2:00 AUM 2013 closes

Post-event workshops

Sunday, June 23

2:00–4:00 p.m. Nadaka and Gopika: Mantra Workshop, Jackson WellSprings Casbah tent. See flyer

Monday, June 24

10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

Woman Stands Shining: Looking to the center from the seat of the feminine, Unitarian Fellowship Center, Ashland, OR. See flyer