Sri Aurobindo Association in the USA



On the importance of discovering the soul of America
for the new creation

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

Over the centuries, lone visionaries have inspired humankind with predictions of a new creation, a new age, or a radically new consciousness for humanity in the not-too-distant future.

Sri AurobindoSri Aurobindo, born in India in 1872 and schooled in England, richly described this golden evolutionary transformation and the steps needed to actualize it on Earth. After his return to India, he began developing a practical approach to it through an “integral yoga,” a union with the Divine essence on every level of one's being: spiritual, psychic, mental, vital—even physical.

The MotherMirra Alfassa, born in France in 1878, likewise had this vision of a coming golden age. In 1914, she met Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry, India. Sri Aurobindo recognized Mirra as an incarnation of the Divine Mother. Those who gathered around them called her simply “The Mother.” The two forged a lifelong collaboration for discovering within and without the realizations needed to enter this new consciousness and bring it even into the body.

The Sri Aurobindo Ashram and later the international community of Auroville are first steps of a concentrated collective aspiration and effort to make real this radical next stage of Earth evolution. There are now many groups around the world aspiring for a new age, each with their own unique views and approaches.

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Individual discovery

A primary condition for manifesting this new consciousness is that each individual discover and live from their own soul guidance. Sri Aurobindo used the term “psychic being” for the aspect of the soul which is physically embodied—though on a subtle physical dimension—and individuates through the experiences of Earth lives. One can find one's psychic being in the central area of the heart center, behind the emotional heart center, which is behind the sternum.

Collective discovery

Besides individual work, there are many steps on the collective level needed to give an individual a secure and supportive field for development. One of these steps is for people to discover and integrate into themselves the true soul of the nation in which they were born, in which they live, or with which they feel a strong affinity.

According to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, nations, like individuals, have evolving psychic beings. And like individuals, they also have egos and shadows which must be clarified for the true soul to emerge and manifest within the bouquet of nations. Then the true beauty, gifts, and genius of the nation shall come forward to benefit all the world.

Those of us living in the USA or visiting have the opportunity to experience the richness of the American soul together.

Two members of the core organizing committee, Wolfgang Schmidt-Reinecke and Soleil Lithman, have dedicated the last years of their lives to this kind of nation soul discovery. We have experienced in smaller groups how this collective discovery of a nation’s psychic being leads to a great supportive light and energy for each person present. We are also keenly aware that nations may need to integrate key disconnected elements of their spiritual heritage before they can reach the next level of their true soul-destiny. We believe that the heritage of Native Americans, their deep sense of oneness with the very land, and their dedication to “all our relations” is one such element in the United States.

Therefore, we offer this AUM for the purpose of all of us going together into the true soul of America as an experience in human unity and a necessary step for progressing toward a golden age for our beloved Earth.