Sri Aurobindo Association in the USA


Children's registration
for AUM 2013

Unfortunately the children’s program for AUM 2013 had to be canceled due to some logistical reasons. We are truly sorry if that inconveniences or disrupts your plans for this AUM.

Parents who would like to come to the AUM with children ages five and over will now be primarily responsible for their care during the conference. However, AUM will have one or two reliable volunteers who can take children on local field trips to parks and other child-friendly attractions around Ashland to give parents a break in child care. Note that this service is available only for out-of-town families.

Teens may find the main conference events interesting and will be welcomed to participate in them by presenters and other AUMers.

Each child coming to the conference must be registered. The registration form for children is here (

—The AUM 2013 team