Sri Aurobindo Association in the USA


Places to visit

Local attractions

Shakespeare Festival

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is a regional repertory theatre in nearby Ashland. The festival annually produces eleven plays on three stages during a season that lasts from February to October. About half of the plays produced each year are by William Shakespeare.

In addition to the plays, a free outdoor show precedes the evening plays in the summer. Performers may include international dance groups, clowns doing ballet on stilts, jugglers, a fire show, choirs, bands, and orchestras.

Ashland Food Co-op

The Ashland Food Co-op is rated as one of the top ten food cooperatives in the nation. Southern Oregon's first and only certified organic retailer, the Co-op has a long history of bringing healthy, organic food to the community. Started as a buying club in 1971, it has grown into a well-respected, deeply loved full-service cooperative grocery.

Regional points of interest

Emigrant Lake

One of the area's most popular destinations, Emigrant Lake is a local oasis nestled among the hills. With 1,467 acres and 12 miles of lake frontage, the park offers various recreational activities such as boating, canoeing, water skiing, swimming, picnicking, hiking, playing on the playground, and sliding down a 280-foot water slide. There is also an RV park and tent campground.

Mt. Shasta

Known for its vast spiritual energy, Mt. Shasta is 75 minutes south of Ashland on Interstate 5. The mountain was a prominent landmark along an ancient Native American travel route between California's Central Valley and the Pacific Northwest. Wonderful views and good hiking trails are accessible from the last parking lot on the back side of the mountain at Panther Meadows.

Crater Lake

Just two hours from Ashland, Crater Lake is another sacred spot with one of the bluest purest waters in the world. It is an old volcano which erupted more than 6000 year ago and is filled entirely with rainwater. Regarded as a spiritual site by the Klamath tribe of Native Americans, Crater Lake is one of the deepest lakes in the world.

Along the way, stop and hike at Mill Creek Falls for beautiful waterfall views.

Oregon coast

A three-hour drive from Ashland, the Oregon Coast is a popular travel destination due to its beaches, scenery, wildlife, history, and opportunities for recreational activities. Stop at the Redwood Trees on the way. In late June the fields along side the highway are covered with pink wild pea flowers.