Gems from the
Collaboration Archive

GEMS FROM THE COLLABORATION ARCHIVE highlights notable articles from past issues of Collaboration journal, along with interviews and discussions on YouTube that explore the deeper aspects of each article.

As the second installment of this series, we are proud to feature Devan Nair’s article, “Towards the Great Turning Point.” This is an edge-of-your seat story that describes how Nair, who eventually became president of Singapore, witnessed Japanese atrocities during WWII and survived five years of imprisonment by the British for revolutionary activities—and how, as he read Life Divine in his jail cell, “magical doors and windows flew open” and something in him “soared out and up on wings of fire.” With hilarious and self-deprecating humor, he describes the persistence of his own intellectual egoism—which, when he finally made it to Pondicherry years later, was dashed in an instant as he fell to his knees before the Mother. Read more …

A roundtable discussion of this article with Jonathan Kay, Lynda Lester, Marco Masi, and Mateo Needham is available on the Sri Aurobindo Association YouTube channel Gems from the Collaboration Archive series

As the first installment of this series, we are proud to feature Dr. Debashish Banerji’s “Living Laboratories of the Life Divine,” a transcript of a presentation delivered at the 2003 AUM Integral Yoga Conference in Los Angeles. In this article, Dr. Banerji describes Friedrich Nietzsche’s vision of the superman and compares it to that of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Humanity has entered a new age of world yoga, he says, and is undergoing an accelerated process of conscious evolution. We are all invited to collaborate with this evolutionary force, working toward an integral perfection and a rich collective existence that includes all activities of life. Read more

Gems and Collective Yoga

The Sri Aurobindo Association and its collaborative teams share a common aspiration for collective yoga, part of which is the attempt to access our deepest intuitions by asking questions: How do we do collective yoga? What does it mean to aspire to be a gnostic community? Can we meet soul to soul rather than ego to ego and work together from soul-space?  “Gems from the Collaboration archive” grew from these questions into a multiplatform, participatory vehicle for collective engagement with Integral Yoga.

Collaboration has many special articles in its past issues archive, which features the first 46 years of Collaboration in PDF format. For the Gems series, SAA’s editorial and web advisory groups decided to collectively choose one article at a time from the archive, republish it in the current print and digital issue of Collaboration, and bring it forward on this website to be sharable by social media and email. We also decided to host videoconference discussions and author interviews on the Gems articles and upload them to SAA’s YouTube channel.

If you are part of a group who wants to join a Gems conversation, or have been digging though the Collaboration archive and wish to see a past article emerge in this way, email us at

We hope you enjoy, and participate!

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