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Summer 2021, Vol. 46 No. 2

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From the Editors

Polar Conditions

On the tail of the summer solstice I flew 3,000 miles to visit my aunt, a field biologist, in Alaska. Since my previous trip, she had come all too close to a polar bear on the tundra of the North Slope—far from the melting sea ice of the Arctic—desperate for food, for survival. Massive wildfires had flanked her cabin, their swathes of flame ultimately wolfing millions of acres in one season. And the Last Frontier had wrestled drought—a record 79 weeks of water scarcity.

When faced with seething climate on all sides, it is only natural to become crestfallen by the starving animals and raging fires, to feel both complicit in and powerless over the corporations spewing greenhouse gases that keep rising, rising, rising. Except this Yoga is not about resolving these externalized conditions, separate from ourselves, but “gracefully” peeling back our internalized conditioning to the point that our divine nature manifests without, across our planet. In the summer 2021 issue of Collaboration, contributors share their records of this effort, naming in their own way the psychic conditions necessary to hold both the earth’s agony and bliss together during our 11th hour of ecological meltdown. Read more…

Special Feature

Decade of Illuminations
Wayne Bloomquist

Travel back to the 1970s with this “A Barfight for the Earth” protagonist (see p. 30 in the journal) and longtime practitioner of Integral Yoga as he shares his memories of Haridas Chaudhuri and Nolini Kanta Gupta, spiritual experiences in Auroville and Pondicherry, and even the founding of Auromere, with Collaboration editor Bahman Shirazi. Here are some condensed excerpts from their conversation. Read more…

Gems from the Collaboration Archive

Living Laboratories of the Life Divine
Debashish Banerji

This essay was given originally as a talk at the 2003 AUM Integral Yoga conference in Los Angeles and elucidates Sri Aurobindo’s justly famous phrase taken from The Life Divine. The reprint serves as the inaugural article for our new series, Gems from the Collaboration Archive, a multiplatform participatory vehicle for collective engagement with Integral Yoga—on the web and around the world. Read more…

Call for Submissions

Crisis and Emergence

We welcome many kinds of contributions, including community updates, interviews, reflective and educational and experiential essays, poetry, artwork, stories, humor, and reviews. The theme for Spring 2022 is Crisis and Emergence. Humanity is experiencing on all sides an onslaught of threatening circumstances, from political divisions to mounting inequality to persistent global pandemics. What has emerged from this crisis of meaning and stability? How can Integral Yoga facilitate a path of conscious emergence, healing, and interconnectivity? We invite you to share your experiences and realizations from a yogic perspective. Deadline to submit is November 1, 2021. Please contact our editorial team for the word count suitable for your contribution prior to submission at Read more…

Help Wanted

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At different points in our aspirational journey to collaborate with the Divine, some are called to work together in spiritual practice, and some are called to pursue a more solitary way.

This “Help Wanted” call is for those who are yearning to join a networked laboratory of consciousness, a co-laboratory, and practice an integrated collective yoga by volunteering to work with Collaboration journal and the Sri Aurobindo Association. We are looking for graphic designers, artists, photographers, copy editors, and project managers to join the team! If this call inspires you, please contact us at

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