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Vol. 49, No. 1

Spring 2024, Vol. 49, No. 1

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From the Editors

From the Editors

Language, Intuition, & Consciousness

In this special expanded issue of Collaboration, we are delighted to share with you a wonderful collection of source materials, feature articles, and other essays, as well as poems and artwork from a wide array of contributors on on the theme of “Language, Intuition, and Consciousness.” This theme is concerned with the relationship between language and consciousness—in particular, the role that language could potentially play in the transformation of consciousness. Much writing today originates from the mind, but writing may also originate from other levels of consciousness such as the body, the heart, or even from transpersonal sources such as the soul or the spirit. As speaking or writing from the mind evokes mental reactions, writing from other levels of consciousness could induce resonance with those levels. This explains the transformative power of the mantra or a poem such as Savitri. We hope you enjoy the conversation! Read more

Special Feature

Special Feature

Languaging Trails of Sound & Light

This issue’s special feature is an evocative essay called “Languaging Trails of Sound and Light.” Through storytelling and creative language, John Robert Cornell guides us on a journey of inquiry about language and its relationship with intuition and meaning. After discussing some unique cases revealing insights into the nature of language, he discusses how Indigenous languages rooted in embodied experiences of the land, rather than relying on mental abstractions, can teach us about the dynamic flow of reality. Read more

Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions

50 Years of Collaboration

Remarkably, the Fall 2024 issue of Collaboration will mark the journal’s 50th anniversary! It’s hard to believe that Collaboration will soon be five decades
old! Collaboration, a journal of Integral Yoga, has come a long way since its
early beginnings as a mimeographed newsletter sent out to Sri Aurobindo centers in the U.S. It was first published in September 1974 by Eric Hughes, who cofounded Matagiri Sri Aurobindo Center with Sam Spanier in upstate New York, and we are grateful for its longevity. We invite our readers to reflect on their experience with Collaboration over the years, and/or to submit favorite articles from past issues (all of which are online). Submission deadline is July 1, 2024. Read more

Whole-Person Psychology

Sri Aurobindo has described his yoga as “practical psychology.” His approach is experiential, with a transformative orientation in the service of the evolution of consciousness, both individually and collectively. This approach, which has been termed integral psychology, integral yoga psychology, and more recently, consciousness-based psychology, is centered around the quest for wholeness as the main motive for human psychospiritual growth and development. It covers the entire physical/vital/mental/psychic/spiritual spectrum and the full range of gradations of consciousness, from the least conscious to the supraconscious levels. We look forward to your submissions in the context of whole-person psychology, Submission deadline is Nov. 1, 2024. Read more

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Invitation to Collaborative Yoga

An Invitation

Would You Like to Be Part of a Collaborative Yoga?

At different points in our aspirational journey to collaborate with the Divine, some are called to work together in spiritual practice, and some are called to pursue a more solitary way.

This call is for those who are yearning to be part of a networked laboratory of consciousness, a co-laboratory, and practice an integrated collective yoga by joining our team for Collaboration journal and the Sri Aurobindo Association. We are looking for graphic designers, artists, photographers, copy editors, and project managers to join our team! If this call inspires you, please contact us at Read more

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