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Collaboration Vol. 48, No. 1

Spring 2023, Vol. 48, No. 1

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From the Editors

The Divine Feminine

This issue of Collaboration focuses on the divine feminine as a powerful presence and force in our world. The consciousness of the divine feminine has been sensed and experienced in all cultures and can be regarded as the overarching consciousness which orchestrates the life of our world and the universe—the consciousness that exists above all and which cares for all. This wonderful consciousness has been called by Sri Aurobindo, simply, the Mother.

The articles in this issue cannot begin to express fully the range, scope and significance of the divine feminine in our world. Yet, we hope that they will give some indication. Read more

Special Feature

Special Feature

The Transitional Being and Mother’s Yoga of Matter

This issue’s special feature by Lynda Lester describes how, according to Mother and Sri Aurobindo, nature is now working out the transition from mental to supramental consciousness in humanity. But entering directly into the supermind would produce such an abrupt change that the human body could not support it. Hence they saw the necessity of a transitional being between humanity and the coming supramental species.  The Mother, using her own body as a test bed by which earthly substance could be transmuted, embodied this transitional being and gradually evolved an archetypal body made out of supramentalized matter. Read more …

Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions

Language and Intuition for Integral Transformation

We invite your reflections, art, poetry, essays, musings, and conversations about “Language and Intuition for Transformation” for the Fall/Winter 2023 issue of Collaboration. Deadline is July 1, 2023.

Talking and thinking run together in deeply automatic rounds. They hold our fractured world together in pieces. But what if the pressure of the TimeSpirit is breaking up these clinging automatisms? What if it is nudging some emergence beyond mental speech and thought? We invite you to reflect with voice and art on the tango of thought and language in our time—and on intuitive flashes of insight and speech that support an integral transformation. Read more

Invitation to Collaborative Yoga

An Invitation

Would You Like to Be Part of a Collaborative Yoga?

At different points in our aspirational journey to collaborate with the Divine, some are called to work together in spiritual practice, and some are called to pursue a more solitary way.

This call is for those who are yearning to join a networked laboratory of consciousness, a co-laboratory, and practice an integrated collective yoga by volunteering to work with Collaboration journal and the Sri Aurobindo Association. We are looking for graphic designers, artists, photographers, copy editors, and project managers to join the team! If this call inspires you, please contact us at Read more…

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