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Fall/Winter 2022-2023, Vol. 47 No. 3

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From the Editors

The American Soul

A hundred years ago, Sri Aurobindo wrote about a new psychological form of communal consciousness emerging in human thought, and the attempt of several nations to find and act from this new sense. He called this new form the nation soul. The Mother called it the national genius, the spirit of the people, the center of national aspiration. The first duty and need of every citizen, Sri Aurobindo wrote, is to keep alive and defend this collective soul—a need seems to have become only more acute a hundred years later, in more than one country. This issue of Collaboration finds the United States engaged in a growing struggle over the values and destiny of the American soul here at home. As a result we have taken up the topic “The American Soul” as the theme of this issue. And page by page it’s turned into something rich and engaging. Read more …

Special Feature

Special Feature

Spiritual Tips for Living in the United States

This issue’s Special Feature offers Michael Miovic’s land-based, humor-spiced prescriptions for spiritual survival in this country. Admitting he has not yet met the American soul, Michael turns to the American land itself. “The land of the United States,” he writes, “is very special because she is conscious.” This piece is a delight to read, and gradually we realize that behind the jokes and the Americanisms, there is “substance” and insight into something both unexpected and almost obvious. See what you think. Read more …

Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions

Relationships as Spiritual Practice

Collaboration, Summer 2023, will explore “Relationships as Spiritual Practice.” Deadline to submit is March 1, 2023. What relationships have powerfully affected your life? What gifts have you received from them, and returned? How have your ways of relating changed? How do yogic practice
and experience affect your family or work life, your connection with nature, your fluidity of thought and openness of heart? Has collective yoga entered your life? What is your experience of surrender, of dissolution of boundaries? And how are you navigating the challenges of one or more of these bonds? We invite contributions that share insights, intuitions, thoughts, feelings, and experiences of relationships as spiritual practice. Please contact our editorial team at for the word count suitable for your contribution before submitting. This allows us to provide you with writer’s guidelines that reflect our editorial criteria. Read more

Invitation to Collaborative Yoga

An Invitation

Would You Like to Be Part of a Collaborative Yoga?

At different points in our aspirational journey to collaborate with the Divine, some are called to work together in spiritual practice, and some are called to pursue a more solitary way.

This call is for those who are yearning to join a networked laboratory of consciousness, a co-laboratory, and practice an integrated collective yoga by volunteering to work with Collaboration journal and the Sri Aurobindo Association. We are looking for graphic designers, artists, photographers, copy editors, and project managers to join the team! If this call inspires you, please contact us at Read more

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