Sri Aurobindo Association activities

The mission of the Sri Aurobindo Association of America (SAA) is to be of service to groups and individuals devoted to realizing the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. SAA carries out this mission by making the teachings of Integral Yoga available to interested seekers and by facilitating knowledge and synergy in the Integral Yoga community. In doing so, SAA pursues an array of activities that include publishing, website hosting, sponsoring conferences, supporting online discussion forums, and channeling donations.

Publishing Collaboration

Collaboration journal

One of SAA’s principal commitments is to publish the journal Collaboration three times a year. Started in 1974 by Eric Hughes of Matagiri, Collaboration has a uniquely American voice. In the past 42 years, Collaboration has come out with a wealth of rich and fascinating articles and given many sadhaks the opportunity to publish their own writings and artwork. SAA maintains a Collaboration Facebook page and is currently in the process of making all past issues available online.


Website hosting website

A second major focus of SAA is website hosting. SAA has taken over the legacy website, launched in 1995 as the first Integral Yoga website in the world, and is currently developing the website into an in-depth information source for the knowledge, practice, and community of Integral Yoga in North America. Sections of the website are devoted to the AUM conference; Collaboration journal; multimedia materials such as study guides and videos; and community information for Integral Yoga centers, organizations, and study groups. Eventually the comprehensive biographical and literary information from will be incorporated, and plans call for an Integral Yoga blog as well.

Supporting the AUM Integral Yoga conference

AUM 2008

SAA has also been a long-time supporter of the All USA Meeting (AUM) annual Integral Yoga conference, offering loans and sponsorship, maintaining a bank account for the AUM Continuity Team, providing an AUM planning manual, managing an AUM Facebook page, hosting the AUM archives, and giving substantial AUM web support. SAA members have organized numerous AUMs, both collectively as a board and individually as members of local AUM teams.

Hosting online discussion groups

Some Auroconf topics

Another service SAA offers is hosting online groups such as the email lists and online discussion forums. These include Auroconf, a well-known and much-used electronic forum in which hundreds of people from all over the world have free-flowing conversations about Integral Yoga; Auroinfo, an email list for program information and other announcements; Quotes, which mails out short quotes daily from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother; and a number of specialized communication and work groups.

Channeling donations

SAA also forwards tax-deductible donations to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville.

Practicing collective yoga

In addition to its external activities, SAA aims to do collective yoga as an organization, striving to create a psychic unity offered to the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in America.

Building new infrastructures for consciousness

Through these endeavors, SAA aspires to build new infrastructures for consciousness, forging instrumental channels through which Mother’s force may flow—bringing us ever nearer to the life divine.

Contact information

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