Vishnu Eschner

Vishnu Eschner

Vishnu Eschner is a member of the Sri Aurobindo Association’s Collaboration Steering Committee and design team. 

In 1978, Vishnu stumbled upon the book The Mother, which ignited a lifelong passion for the teachings. In 1990, he joined the ashram that would later become Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham (SASP) in Lodi. During a nearly 20-year tenure there, he played a significant role in founding SASP’s nonprofit organization, managing the grounds and operations, and directing the growth of Auromere, its natural healthcare and book business. 

As a board member of the Sri Aurobindo Association, he helped with AUM Integral Yoga conferences, Collaboration journal, and other initiatives. 

While living at SASP and visiting Pondicherry, Auroville, Matagiri, and other centers, Vishnu encountered many kindred spirits of Integral Yoga who have been instrumental in guiding his spiritual path. 

Now in Scotland, Vishnu continues his exploration of Integral Yoga through daily practice, and focuses on writing and web projects.