AUM 2016 memories

People, presentations, consciousness, connections, conversations, meals, music, meditation, movement, dancing, working, acting, singing, playing, field trips, and fun ... here are some memories from AUM 2016, "Deepening our practice: Individual and collective."

AUM 2016 group photo


AUM 2016 Gallery


The Making of the AUM 2016 Group Photo

Children's Play: The Ancient Panchatantra Story

John Robert Cornell: Sonnets and Sadhana

David Eby: Musical Performance

Aurelio Hammer: Musical Offering

Juhi and Krishna: Garba and Dandi Dance

Lynda Lester: Our Many Selves

Francis Rothluebber: Attentive Listening: Awakening Intuitive Power

Aviram Rozin: Sadhana Forest Presentation

Bahman Shirazi: Aids and Obstacles in Sadhana


Thanks to Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham and the AUM 2016 organizing committee (Ananda Bhishma, Saraswati Chavez, Karen Cornell, Lynda Lester, Margaret Phanes, Nick Rytlewsky, Dakshina Vanzetti, and Judith Wright) for planning, hosting, and supporting AUM 2016

Thanks to the Foundation for World Education and the New Consciousness Foundation for their continued generous financial support of AUM in the form of scholarship grants and speaker support

Thanks to George Haralampoudis for his generous donation to AUM 2016

Thanks to Margaret Phanes for AUM 2016 graphics and web design

Thanks to Samesh Braroo, Maggi Greer, Jim Page, and Kant Patel for taking photos of AUM 2016, and to Nick Rytlewski for selecting, editing, and organizing the photos and posting them online

Thanks to Samesh Braroo for videotaping AUM 2016 and to Aurolei Braroo for editing the many hours of videotape and posting the videos online

Thanks to Jacob Marks Productions for filming, editing, and producing "Our Many Selves"

And thanks to all the attendees, presenters, participants, performers, and volunteers who made AUM 2016 a wonderful experience for "Deepening Our Practice, Individual and Collective"!

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