"Sri Aurobindo has said that a double movement is necessary: with the effort for individual progress and realization there must be united an effort to lift up the whole, enabling it to make the indispensable progress that would bring in a greater progress of the individual--a progress of the mass allowing the individual to take one step more."

—The Mother








Deepening Our Practice:  
Individual & Collective

June 30 – July 4

Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham

Lodi, California

The next All USA Meeting (AUM) Integral Yoga conference will take place
June 30–July 4, 2016, in Lodi, California. It is being hosted by
Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham (SASP).

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The conference theme is “Deepening our practice: Individual and collective.” This theme has evolved out of the monthly Integral Yoga retreat programs that have been held at Lodi Ashram for the past 20 years. These retreats are co-organized by participants from the wider Integral Yoga community with the aspiration to discover more relevant and experiential processes for our individual and collective yoga practice. Planners hope AUM 2016 will be a catalyst for growth in sadhana and offer meaningful insights that attendees can take home and apply in their daily lives.


Presenters for AUM 2016 have been selected because the theme is deeply inspirational for them and they hope to share their inspiration with others. Plenary sessions, breakouts, workshops, musical performances, and a trip to Lodi Lake will contribute to the program, helping to make AUM 2016 a rich and integral experience.


AUM 2016 will take place in Lodi, California, located 35 miles south of Sacramento and 90 miles east of San Francisco. AUM participants will stay at the Lodi Holiday Inn Express, take meals there, and attend plenary sessions in the hotel's main conference room. For other activities they will be taken to SASP, where they will have a chance to experience the beautiful Lodi Ashram grounds and facilities, including the profound spiritual vibration of the meditation hall and relics room.

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Sri Aurobindo
Sri Aurobindo

The Mother