AUM 2008 in the Rockies

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Trail from Twin Sisters to Barclay lodges A scenic trail that can be walked in 15-20 minutes connects the two dormitories reserved for AUM 2008.
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YMCA of the Rockies

The YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park Center sits on 860 acres in the heart of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Cool mountain breezes, brilliant sunshine, and wildlife create the perfect environment for refreshing the spirit and enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors. The YMCA has an abundance of choices for things to do and places to see. Cell phones may not work in many parts of camp or in the nearby mountains, as cell phone coverage is spotty.
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Barclay reunion cabin Lodging
Two dormitories have been reserved for AUM 2008: the Twin Sisters lodge and the Patty Hyde Barclay reunion cabin. Both dormitories offer shared rooms for three or more people and a limited number of single and double rooms. Each dormitory features a large common area for gathering, meditating, and relaxing.
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Willome conference hall

Meeting spaces
The YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park Center has a variety of meeting spaces that can accommodate AUM. Actual room assignments will be made two weeks before AUM, but here are some of the possibilities.
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Buffet dining

Tasty buffet-style meals will be served for breakfast, lunch, and supper in a pleasant dining room. Box lunches will also be available for some group hikes.
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Estes Park Estes Park
Estes Park, Colorado, is a unique mountain resort community surrounded on three sides by Rocky Mountain National Park. A favorite vacation destination for travelers, Estes Park offers an array of charming shops, art galleries, and restaurants. Visitors enjoy the town's relaxed and comfortable atmosphere as well as its bike trails, grassy parks, sidewalk benches, downtown gardens, and a wide variety of lodging and accommodations.
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Rocky Mountain National Park Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park contains 415 square miles of the most spectacular mountain scenery in America. With its granite summits and forested valleys, the landscape inspires visitors with its immense size and beauty. The park straddles the Continental Divide, the rooftop of America where melting snow and rainfall flow westward to the Pacific or southeast to the Gulf of Mexico.
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