AUM 2008 in the Rockies

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Nature is vast and beautiful

Nature in the Rocky Mountains is vast and powerful and must be respected. During AUM 2008 it will be important for participants to be conscious of their own state, the state of those around them, and the ever-changing state of the environment. This will ensure a safe and happy experience for all.

Please read the Safety guidelines for AUM 2008.

Rain coming over the mountains Weather
Weather changes rapidly at higher elevations, so AUM attendees should pack plenty of additional clothing. Come prepared!
Weather informationRecommended packing list
High altitude Altitude
The YMCA is at a high elevation and some people may experience altitude illness; this usually goes away within the first few days. You may want to come to Denver, Boulder, or the Estes Park area a day or two early to acclimate. Remember to take it easy your first day and drink plenty of water during your stay.
More about high-altitude illness
Trail to Twin Sisters from Barclay reunion cabin Fitness and medical conditions
Some of the buildings at AUM 2008 will be a considerable distance apart, and the trail between the two dorms is about 1/4 mile with a 50-foot elevation change. Although wheelchair-accessible rooms are available and we plan to provide some rides between points in camp, as a general rule, attendees at AUM 2008 should be able to walk a mile.
People with health problems such as respiratory ailments or heart conditions that might be exacerbated by altitude or mild exertion should check with their physician before deciding to attend AUM 2008.
More on fitness and medical conditions
Waterfall in the Rockies Safety guidelines for AUM 2008
The Colorado wilderness is in a state of constant flux, and nature is driven by powerful, quickly changing forces. To ensure a safe and happy experience for all, we have compiled a set of guidelines for AUM 2008. These include tips for hiking, being aware of mountain hazards, looking out for others, and developing a "safety first" attitude.
Safety guidelines for AUM 2008

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