AUM 2008 in the Rockies

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Sitting by a mountain stream The Rocky Mountains will provide a vast natural setting for AUM 2008.
Since the first AUM in 1985, participants have wanted more time for interaction, meditation, relaxation, physical activities, and practical, hands-on exploration  of Integral Yoga. For this reason, and because of the unique setting and opportunities at the YMCA of the Rockies, AUM 2008 will emphasize interaction and activities, giving attendees a chance to dynamically engage with the yoga. We hope you will join us for the experiment -- and have some tea, fruit, and chocolate in celebration of Auroville's 40th birthday! Following are some of the offerings you can expect at AUM 2008.


Deepening the practice of yoga
There will be many quiet or contemplative activities in which to focus on deepening the practice of yoga, getting i
n touch with the inner being, and opening to the Presence. Examples will include meditation sessions, Savitri hikes, and reading and discussing the works of Mother and Sri Aurobindo. "Yoga circles" will give small groups (aided by facilitators) a chance to meet in breakout cabins to talk about the application of yoga in daily life. Books and CDs related to Integral Yoga may also be available for purchase.

Painted silk scarves Arts and crafts
The cultivation of the aesthetic sense and the capacity to take up what is beautiful are part of Integral Yoga. AUM attendees will be able to take advantage of the YMCA craft center, creating jewelry, painting silk scarves and banners, glazing ceramics, and designing mosaics -- while, at the same time, getting to know other AUM attendees. Art materials, which are furnished by the YMCA, are inexpensive. Several workshops will also be offered, giving participants a chance to create art in a meditative atmosphere.
Photos of arts & craft center
Live music

Music can be a way to open and uplift one's awareness. Numerous musical activities will be part of AUM 2008, including jazz guitar, kirtans, Dervish dancing, stillness in motion, square dancing, hip hop, spontaneous jam sessions, and singing around the campfire. Bring your flutes, guitars, drums, banjos, and kazoos!
Playing horseshoes Physical activities
The training of the body and the development of the mind and character through sports and physical activity are part of an integral movement toward perfection. There will be multiple opportunities at AUM to enjoy friendly competitive and cooperative games such as volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, ping-pong, frisbee, archery, and mini-golf. Hatha yoga and other type of movement classes may also be available. The YMCA also has an Olympic-sized pool, so plan on doing some laps if you like to swim!
Photos of sports activities
Hiking trail near camp Hiking
There will be many opportunities to enjoy nature at AUM 2008, where the splendor of the Rockies provides a conducive environment for getting in touch with one's deeper self. A trail leading from the AUM dormitories offers a pleasant stroll along a brook. Followed further, it winds through the woods and up a broad valley, where it eventually enters directly into Rocky Mountain National Park. The first day or two, shorter hikes will be scheduled to give AUM attendees time to acclimate to the altitude. Later, there will be an all-day hike from camp and a field trip to the national park.
Hiking photos
Reaching out to others at AUM Active involvement
AUM 2008 will be a collaborative yogic gathering with many chances to be involved. Yoga teaches us that we are related in our universal being; we want to embody this truth for a few days through mutual helpfulness. Helping with AUM creates a richer experience and a deeper relationship to others and the event. Thus, in addition to scheduled activities, there will be many volunteer possibilities: greeting people as they arrive, being a "den mother" for a dormitory, driving others to meals, helping with an online blog, leading a microhikes or a music session, brewing tea, maintaining the schedule board, giving a friendly hand to a newcomer. The organizers will facilitate volunteering for all these and more.
AUM conversation Connecting with others in the yoga
We hope to schedule enough "open time" so that attendees will have abundant opportunities to make new friends and catch up with old friends. Informal conversations may arise while participants are walking on trails around camp, relaxing on the porch, gathering in the common room, having tea, or eating meals. Sometimes these spontaneous, heart-to-heart connections are the most valued experience of AUM.

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