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Auroville International /
All USA Meeting (AUM) 2015

August 20-23, 2015Phoenicia, NY

Flute circleWe gather as a community every year to share our experience of Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s Integral Yoga and the international community of Auroville. This year we have the added delight of having Auroville International (AVI) members join us. Representing Auroville in Europe, Asia, and South America, many have a long and deep association with the community. The AVI board will meet at Matagiri August 18–19 and give a public presentation on Auroville the evening of August 19 in Woodstock, NY.

We invite you to join us at the Menla Center for Health and Happiness in Phoenicia, NY, from Thursday, August 20 through Sunday, August 23.

Our theme is “Seeds of Light,” sharing our personal and institutional stories in manifesting the vision of human unity and spiritual evolution.


The long weekend will include updates on the work of the various Auroville International centers, a retrospective on the cultural shift brought about by the Woodstock Festival, a celebration of music and dance, and a series of experiential workshops and presentations.

Savitra JV Avandhanulu Miriam BelovFif Fernandes and Hamish BoydAmy Fradon and Leslie Ritter Elliott Landry

Mandikini Shelly McNeal Martha OrtonBill and Livia VanaverAndrea van de Loo

Our keynote speaker on Friday will be Alan Sasha Lithman, a pioneer in Auroville known as Savitra. He will also give a workshop. On Saturday we'll have a live Skype with Auroville, an update on Acres for Auroville, and a biographical sketch of Dr. Judith Tyberg (Jyotipriya), founder of the East West Cultural Center.

Other workshops include:

Conference fee

The conference fee includes registration, program, three vegetarian meals per day, a free swimming pool, and optional spa / massage.

A $100 deposit is required to reserve your space.

Cost per person for the entire three-night conference (Thursday dinner through Sunday lunch) are as follows:

  • $750 for single room with private bath -- main buildings
  • $520 for double room with private bath -- main buildings
  • $400 for shared room -- outer buildings
  • $300 for camping
  • $240 for commuter

To pay online via PayPal for AUM 2015, please go to the Matagiri "Events" page:

Or write a check payable to:

Matagiri Sri Aurobindo Center
1218 Wittenberg Road, Mount Tremper NY 12457

Conference hall at Menla
Conference hall at Menla
Delos Lodge
Delos Inn and dining hall at Menla
Mountain deluxe room
Mountain House at Menla
Eagle Lodge
Eagle House at Menla


Limited scholarships are available. Please write to stating your needs.

Donations in support of AUM are needed and welcome.


The closest airport is Newburgh (SWF), but Newark (one of New York City's regional airports) usually has better prices and has both international and domestic flights. To help you plan your flight, two good travel sites are and

Public transportation via Trailways bus comes to Phoenicia.

Please let us know if you are planning to rent a car and visit other destinations (such as Niagara Falls) and have room for others.

More local travel information is available at and


We also have a Facebook page, and more information will be added as it unfolds:


Please let us know if you (and yours) are planning on coming even if you don't know the details yet!

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