Impressions of AUM 2013

Discovering the soul of America:
A step in human unity

Auroville panel
A panel discusses Auroville's vision and reality at AUM 2013. Photo: Vitaly Geyman
The All USA Meeing (AUM) 2013 was held June 20–23 in Ashland, Oregon, hosted by the Sri Aurobindo Association and organized by Wolfgang Schmidt-Reinecke, Soleil Lithman, and John Robert Cornell.


  • AUM 2013 — A collection of 68 photos by Vitaly Geyman

  • AUM 2013 — A collection of 87 photos by Julian Lines

  • AUM 2013 — A collection of 73 photos by Sunny Lithman

Film and video

  • A film documentary of AUM 2013 is being prepared by television journalist Jörg Röttgermann and will be announced when it becomes available.

  • Nadaka and Gopika — video by Julian Lines

Written materials

  • AUM statement

  • Impressions and writeups of AUM 2011 will be forthcoming. Stay tuned!
Art workshop at AUM 2013
Attendees participate in an art workshop at AUM 2013. Photo: Julian Lines
Solstice ceremony at AUM 2013
Pat McCabe (Woman Stands Shining) conducts a solstice ceremony at AUM 2013. Photo: Julian Lines




Pat McCabe and David West
Pat McCabe (Woman Stands Shining) and David West have a sincere exchange at AUM 2013. Photo: Vitaly Geyman
Russian bells
Vera Lipen from Auroville guides participants in playing Russian bells. Photo: Vitaly Geyman
Gopika and Nadaka
Gopika, Nadaka, and son present a musical concert inspired by Indian ragas and rhythms
. Photo: Vitaly Geyman
Field trip to Lithia Park
AUM attendees take a field trip to Ashland's Lithia Park
. Photo: Vitaly Geyman

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