Journal of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
Spring 2000 -- Vol. 26, No. 1


"Man is a transitional being; he is not final. For in man and high beyond him ascend the radiant degrees that climb to a divine supermanhood. There lies our destiny and the liberating key to our aspiring but troubled and limited mundane existence.

The new consciousness attained in the spiritual evolution is always higher in grade and power, always larger, more comprehensive, wider in sight and feeling, richer and finer in faculties, more complex, organic, dominating than the consciousness that was once our own but is now left behind us..."


Sri Aurobindo

Fundamentals New letters on yoga Current affairs
Center to center
  • Contributions sought for Orissa cyclone relief effort -- Integral Yoga centers damaged - Dakshina Vanzetti

Sri Aurobindo Association financial report
  • 1 January-29 December 1999 -- Marta Belen
Auroville almanac
  • The abode of Savitri -- A report from Savitri Bhavan Shraddhavan

    Blackness and light -- Diwali concert in Pitanga -- Mauna van der Vlugt

    International pavilions to highlight human unity Money earmarked for American pavilion -- Chandresh Patel

The yoga today
Essay Review
  • The Savitni Legend: A Transformational Tale
    A new novel from Savitra -- Eric Hughes
The poetry room
  • Hell and heaven -- Sri Aurobindo

  • Give me wings -- Ranajit

  • Earth creature -- Chandresh Patel

  • Defeat of the "I" -- Sailen

Source material
  • Sri Aurobindo on parts of the being
Gnostic knots
  • Future perfect

  • Main reasons people take up the Integral Yoga

  • How to spot a neo-auro-yogi


  • Singular quotes: "I find ecstasy in living -- the mere sense of living is joy enough. -- Emily Dickinson. ... and more.

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