Joanna Zweig

Joanna Zweig

Joanna Zweig holds a Ph.D. in Integral Studies with an emphasis on learning and change in human systems from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

She has worked as a project manager in information technology on enterprise initiatives in large businesses for more than 20 years and has produced and directed theatrical productions for more than 25 years, 50 years of group work.

Joanna's passion for collaboration in creative groups helped her to formulate the idea of group coherence and carry out a four-year PhD research project to find out about it. This research revealed a way to guide successful collaboration beyond a group’s initial expectations and indicated that group learning, group creativity and group knowledge depend on intuitive understanding.

Joanna is currently an independent consultant and CEO of Integral Systems Response, offering coaching to improve access to collective consciousness in a group.

Intuition Awareness Workshop

In The Life Divine, Part II, Chapter 1, Sri Aurobindo sheds light on the role of intuition:

"Supermind keeps always and in every status or condition the spiritual realization of the Unity of all ... Overmind keeps still the sense of this underlying Unity ... In Mind, the knowledge of the unity of all aspects is lost on the surface ... the total reality still remains behind the exclusive absorption and can be recovered in the form of a profound mental intuition ..."

In considering "the three views of creation that seem to have an equal chance of being right,... Mind is incapable of definitely deciding between them; for each view is armed with its own mental logic and its appeal to intuition and experience."

Debashish Banerji identifies seven capacities of intuition to be developed through yogic practice. I postulate an additional capacity that we can explore.

How can we contribute our unique psychic being in service of the supramental emergence? Practice of group inquiry to highlight the role of intuition in revealing and pointing to the learning and creativity of the group that can access deep psychic participation to the collective intelligence. What are our fears when we approach this practice?

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