Steven Vincent

Steven Vincent

Steven Vincent has been practicing yoga and meditation for 25 years and teaching for 13 years. He lives, works and practices in Los Angeles where he teaches private clients and leads Kirtan and Bhakti practices.

After studying and practicing the full range of yogic and buddhist disciplines for many years, he discovered Sri Aurobindo’s teachings and immediately found them to be an accurate and very useful integration and advancement of the spiritual sciences.

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Hatha Yoga

For Steven, life is a process of growing closer to the Divine. Through the practices of the Spiritual Science of Yoga, we cultivate qualities in ourselves that bring us into full alignment with the Divine and with our true inner Self. Through Yoga we come to experience our Self as manifestations of the Divine. We come to realize that the essence of our being is Divine spirit and we align our Self with that power. Healing, growth, transformation and transcendence naturally surge forth in the light of the Divine!

Surrender to the Divine is the greatest victory in Life. Either in death after suffering through life’s troubles, or in Life through spiritual practice, one way or another, we will ultimately surrender it all back into the Divine source. Through the Spirit Science of Yoga we align with the Divine now in Life and reap the benefits of joy, bliss, contentment, health, inner peace, connectedness, goodwill, prosperity and Divine Love.

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