Keynote Presenter

Francis Rothluebber

Francis Rothluebber

Francis Rothluebber, educator and author, is an experienced facilitator with individuals and groups in life-process work. Her focus is the study and practice of evolutionary spirituality. She is the co-founder of Spirit Mountain Retreat Center and president of New Momentum, Inc., a nonprofit organization for human unity. Francis has worked with groups across the United States, Canada, Latin America, Germany, and South Africa.

Francis produced two albums of guided meditations on the power of meditation and feminine values in genuine spirituality, followed by The Great Secret: Reflections on The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo and Being Still and Awakening (companion meditations). After several trips to Auroville, Francis co-created the prizewinning film, City of the Dawn. She is the author of several books: The Upstart Spring: The Key Elements of Evolutionary Spirituality; Nobody Owns Me: The Sacredness of Feminine Sexuality; and recently, a book of poetry, Wild Seeds. Francis lives and receives retreat guests in her home in the small village of Idyllwild in the San Jacinto Mountains in California.

Attentive Listening: Awakening Intuitive Power

We are, as Sri Aurobindo indicated, the “Transition People.” We are to become the New Human, a new kind of human. Within us are the latent powers that need to be activated if we are to assume this remarkable work in the evolutionary process. Awakening and deepening our intuitive power is essential.

We will focus on three aspects of this theme:

This time together will be a weaving of reflecting, interiorizing, and sharing.

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