The Synthesis of Yoga -- A Study Guide compiled by David Hutchinson, early 1990s

The study guide is a point by point summary of Sri Aurobindo's The Synthesis of Yoga. After each chapter title there is a one-paragraph summary of the entire chapter. There is an introduction, an essay on the entire book, as well as one-paragraph summaries. You may also download the entire document in Word format (360 kb) or in a self-extracting (.exe) zipped format. (128 kb).

Introduction, and Part 1, Chapter 1 The Conditions of the Synthesis

Part 1, The Yoga of Divine Works

Chapter 2 Self-Consecration
Chapter 3 Self-Surrender in Works
Chapter 4 The Sacrifice, The Triune Path, and the Lord of the Sacrifice
Chapter 5 The Ascent of the Sacrifice -- the Works of Knowledge -- the Psychic Being
Chapter 6 The Ascent of the Sacrifice 2 -- The Works of Love -- the Works of Life
Chapter 7 Standards of Conduct and Spiritual Freedom
Chapter 8 The Supreme Will
Chapter 9 Equality and the Annihilation of Ego
Chapter 10 The Three Modes of Nature
Chapter 11 The Master of the Work
Chapter 12 The Divine Work
Chapter 13 The Supermind and the Yoga of Works

Part 2, The Yoga of Divine Knowledge

Chapter 1 The Object of Knowledge
Chapter 2 The Status of Knowledge
Chapter 3 The Purified Understanding
Chapter 4 Concentration
Chapter 5 Renunciation
Chapter 6 The Synthesis of the Disciplines of Knowledge
Chapter 7 The Release from Subjection to the Body
Chapter 8 The Release from the Heart and Mind
Chapter 9 The Release from the Ego
Chapter 10 The Realisation of the Cosmic Self
Chapter 11 The Modes of the Self
Chapter 12 The Realisation of Sachchidananda
Chapter 13 The Difficulties of the Mental Being
Chapter 14 The Passive and the Active Brahman
Chapter 15 The Cosmic Consciousness
Chapter 16 Oneness
Chapter 17 The Soul and Nature
Chapter 18 The Soul and Its Liberation
Chapter 19 The Planes of Our Existence
Chapter 20 The Lower Triple Purusha
Chapter 21 The Ladder of Self-Transcendence
Chapter 22 Vijnana or Gnosis
Chapter 23 The Conditions of Attainment to the Gnosis
Chapter 24 Gnosis and Ananda
Chapter 25 The Higher and the Lower Knowledge
Chapter 26 Samadhi
Chapter 27 Hathayoga
Chapter 28 Rajayoga

Part 3, The Yoga of Divine Love

Chapter 1 Love and the Triple Path
Chapter 2 The Motives of Devotion
Chapter 3 The Godward Emotions
Chapter 4 The Way of Devotion
Chapter 5 The Divine Personality
Chapter 6 The Delight of the Divine
Chapter 7 The Ananda Brahman
Chapter 8 The Mystery of Love

Part 4, The Yoga of Self-Perfection

Chapters 1-3 The Principle of the Integral Yoga; The Integral Perfection; The Psychology of Self-Perfection
Chapter 4 The Perfection of the Mental Being
Chapter 5 The Instruments of the Spirit
Chapter 6 Purification -- The Lower Mentality
Chapter 7 Purification -- Intelligence and Will
Chapter 8, 9 The Liberation of the Spirit; The Liberation of the Nature
Chapter 10 The Elements of Perfection
Chapter 11, 12 The Perfection of Equality; The Way of Equality
Chapter 13 The Action of Equality
Chapter 14 The Power of the Instruments
Chapter 15 Soul-Force and the Four-Fold Personality
Chapter 16 The Divine Shakti
Chapter 17 The Action of the Divine Shakti
Chapter 18 Faith and Shakti
Chapter 19 The Nature of the Supermind
Chapter 20 The Intuitive Mind
Chapter 21 The Gradations of the Supermind
Chapter 22 The Supramental Thought and Knowledge
Chapter 23 The Supramental Instruments -- Thought-Process
Chapter 24 The Supramental Sense
Chapter 25 Towards the Supramental Time Vision