Sri Aurobindo Ashram             Delhi Branch

Sri Aurobindo Education Society


Skill in Works

The Ashram workshop complex called "Skill in works" takes care of construction and maintenance work on the campus.

1. Care of Materials  is a hardware and paint store for construction and repair works.

2. Works in Iron has a welding machine, a drill press, a tool grinding machine and miscellaneous hand tools. It handles fabrication jobs, repair of iron components and machinery.

3. Electrical Works looks after the maintenance of the electrical fittings and new wiring jobs.

4. Works in Wood is a carpentry workshop busy with the repair of furniture of the schools on campus and the Ashram and making new furniture. School children also get training in practical wood craft under the guidance of skilled carpenters here.

5. Photo-lamination and screen printing This unit carries out quality lamination of photographs of all sizes. The facility can be availed of through SABDA. Artistic screen printing is done in the screen printing unit.

6. Handmade paper unit The Ashram runs a small handmade paper unit which utilizes paper waste and natural substances to produce high quality paper of different varieties, boards, stationery, greeting cards, decorative items etc. The products are sold through SABDA.

7. Mira Sugandha Incense sticks and decorative candles are produced in this unit for use in the Ashram and sale through the Matri Service store.