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Sri Aurobindo Education Society


Scholarship and Sponsorship programs

          Besides running various educational institutions, Sri Aurobindo Education Society sponsors education of children in various schools all over the country. The sponsored children are from low income families and as far as possible, are educated in their own states so that they have no language problems. They are kept in good boarding schools and the entire expense on their tuition, board and lodging, books, travel to home for vacation etc. is borne by the Society. We have at present in our sponsorship scheme about 100 children being educated in various schools all over the country. This is in addition to the scholarships that are granted to the day scholars in The Mother's International School, Mirambika and Mira Nursery school.  We are always on the look out for sponsors as we maintain a waiting list of children who need to be sent to boarding schools. We greatly appreciate the support of generous people who come forward for this good cause. The cost is approximately Rs. 12,000/- a year to cover all expenses, which may be shared by more than on sponsor. You may also give a one time lump sum donation of Rs. 1,00,000/- to create a permanent fund.

          The Society has adopted a few schools in villages and in tribal or backward areas. The schools are provided with books, clothing for the students and other resources from time to time. For instance, every year on Diwali, students in Delhi schools donate clothes that they have outgrown but which are in good condition, to the clothes collection center,  for distribution to poor children.

          There are more than 250 Sri Aurobindo Schools all over the country. Most of these schools are run independently by devotees of Sri Aurobindo. About 95% of these schools are in backward or remote tribal areas. Sri Aurobindo Education Society provides free training to many teachers from these schools in addition to free board and lodging for them for two years.

For more information on sponsorship of a child, please click here.