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How can you help?

Besides pursuing our main objective of spiritual awakening and inner growth, we are ever trying to build a progressive and beautiful institution for thousands of young people who come here for their education. We have been running several projects towards this end. You can support us and collaborate in many different ways:

  • Donate money, tax deductible under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act.
  • Become a Life Member of the Sri Aurobindo Education Society.
  • Subscribe to the quarterly magazines The Call Beyond (English) and
    Sri Arvind Karmadhara (Hindi)
  • Advertise in our magazines and souvenirs and procure advertisements for them.
  • Sponsor the education of a poor child fully or partly through the Sri Aurobindo  Education  Society
  • Donate good books to our Ashram and school libraries.
  • Donate children's clothes and books which we send to village schools for poor children.  You can also give used clothes for   adults which are distributed amongst the poor. We would be happy to have contributions  of   second hand books  for our various school libraries for children between the ages of 3 and 18 and also serious books for the Ashram library on spiritual and philosophical subjects. Since we also have a Teacher Education Institute, we would welcome donations of all kinds of teaching books on sports, teaching aids, do-it-yourself books etc. Our Vocational Training Institute for the economically backward youth would welcome books for beginners in carpentry, electrical work, photo lamination, cooking and food processing, plumbing, paper mache, welding etc.  
  • Offer your services for Ashram activities. Voluntary service has an important role in the organization and development of the Ashram. Orientation programs are held from time to time for new volunteers.

  Volunteers come from all over the world to spend a few months or sometimes even a year or  two in the Ashram, living and working in the community. As they offer their services to the Divine and work in the true spirit of Karma Yoga, their stay results in mutual benefit.  At  present, we require volunteers to offer their services in the photography studio, to teach    music, languages and physical education to children in Mirambika Free Progress School etc.  The volunteers can stay on campus and will be provided with board and lodging. They will  have the opportunity to learn new languages, classical dance, Indian music, yoga, undergo  physical training and  participate in our regular programmes.

If you are interested in spending sometime volunteering at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch contact one of the following persons:

In India


Tara Jauhar

Phone - 91-11-6524810
Fax.    - 91-11-6857449


In United States


Bhuvana Nandakumar

Phone - 203-847-5661

Fax. 203-847-5661


 You can also help by purchasing and popularizing:

  • Books of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, other books and magazines sold at SABDA
  • Natural incense and agarbathis which are available in a great variety of fragrances and enchanting blends at SABDA and Matri Service Store.
  • Our health food products including bakery items like Soya-enriched brown bread and a variety of snacks and egg less cakes, organically grown fruits and vegetables, fruits and fruit juices, jams etc. 
  • Pure mustard oil and ghee, very good quality pulses and spices, whole wheat flour etc.
  • Diwali and New Year greeting cards, decorative candles, beautiful handmade paper and stationery products, batik items - all made by our vocational trainees.
  • If you own a shop, keep Ashram products for exhibition and sale.