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 Arogya - The Mother's health center - A centre for Integral Health                                                                                                                                           Contact: Dr.T.Baveja

                         Tele. 26858563


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  • A centre for promotion of Integral Health

  • Located in the sacred green environment of the Ashram.

  • Multisystem-Multispecialty.

  • A blend of ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Modern progressive Allopathy.

  • Unique Integral Health Scoring; 4-stage procedure. (by appointment only)

  • Special programme Integral Health retreats, Workshops, Family Health.

  • International Integral Health Panel Tele Medicine

  • All Doctors are Integral Health Physicians

Yoga for Youth - February 2007


1.  Department of Spiritual Health:


A.   Counseling

B.    Talks

C.   Retreats

D.   Integral Development Model (Lifestyle model)-Moving Retreat

E.    Guided Meditation


2.  Department of Social Health:


Integral Camps for slums of Delhi and rural areas of Orissa, W.Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Uttaranchal states. School Health, Training in Social Work, Medical Camps;  free IOL surgeries for Cataract,  spectacles, distribution of clothes and books to the poor and the needy


3.   Department of Mental Health :


A.   Psychiatry Clinics

B.    Counseling Adolescence, Gender Values etc.

C.   Workshops Ideal Parenting, Value Education etc.


4.    Department of Physical Health:


A. Allopathy :                                                                    


Internal Medicine




Day care                                           


Free Medicine to the poor & needy         





B. Homeopathy:          


Consultation & free Medicine.                                  


C. Ayurveda:          


Consultation & free Medicine.                                  


D. Yoga & Naturopathy:


Consultation, treatment & training programme.


E. Acupressure Clinic:           


Consultation & treatment.                              


F. Para medical Training:


6-month course for students from Rural & Backward areas.