Transformative Education Resource List

(From the article, "What's Missing in Our Schools?" by David Marshak, NAPRA Review, Vol. 7, No. 6.)

Mentioned Titles

Magical Child, Magical Child Matures, and Evolution's End, all by Joseph Chilton Pierce

Natural Childhood, by John Thomson et al.

Something More: Nurturing Your Child's Spiritual Growth, by Jean Grasso Fitzpatrick

Spiritual Parenting, by David Carroll

Spiritual Parenting: A Sourcebook for Parents and Teachers, by Steven Rosman

Whole Child/Whole Parent, by Polly Berrien Berends

You Are Your Child's First Teacher, by Rahima Baldwin

The Classics

Education and the Significance of Life, by J. Krishnamurti

A Modern Art of Education, by Rudolf Steiner

The Montessori Method, and The Absorbent Mind, by Maria Montessori

Also, books by Waldorf tradition teachers and writers, Sri Aurobindo tradition teachers and writers, and those from the Sufi tradition (e.g. Hazrat Inayat Khan).

The "New Classics"

The Challenge to Care in Schools: An Alternative Approach to Education, by Nel Noddings

Educating for an Ecologically Sustainable Culture: Re-thinking Moral Education, Creativity, Intelligence, and Other Modern Orthodoxies, by C.A. Bowers

Earth in Mind: On Education, Environment and the Human Prospect, by David Orr

Harmonic Learning, by James Moffett

Look to the Mountain: An Ecology of Indigenous Education, by Gregory Cajete

The Moral and Spiritual Crisis in Education, by David Purpel

Natural Learning Rhythms: How and When Children Learn, by Josette and Sambhava Luvmour

Openmind Wholemind, by Bob Samples

The Radiant Child, by Thomas Armstrong

The Universal Schoolhouse: Spiritual Awakening Through Education, by James Moffett

To Know as We Are Known: Education as a Spiritual Journey, by Parker Palmer

What Are Schools Good For: Holistic Education in American Culture, by Ron Miller

Educational Approaches

Every Child, Whole Child: Classroom Activities for Unleashing Natural Abilities, by Leslie Owen Wilson

In Their Own Way: Discovering and Encouraging Your Child's Personal Learning Style, by Thomas Armstrong

Learning and Loving It, by Ruth Gamberg et al.

Rhythms of Learning: Creating Tools for Developing Lifelong Skills, by Chris Brewer and Don Campbell

Spinning Inward, by Maureen Murdock

Teaching Children to Care, by Ruth Charney

Education in Action

Building the Good School: Participating Parents at Charquin, by Gloria Wilber Fearn

Healing Racism: Education's Role, by Mathan Rutstein and Michael Morgan

Nizhoni: The Higher Self in Education, by Chris Griscom

School as a Journey: The Eight-Year Odyssey of a Waldorf Teacher and His Class, by Torin M. Finser

Schools That Work: America's Most Innovative Public Education Programs, by George Wood


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