All-USA Meeting (AUM) 1998
Becoming Collective: Education, Community, and Life
August 28-September 1, 1998












Activities at AUM 98 are being organized to provide an opportunity for collective experience and learning. Through both traditional and innovative activities, participants should gain a deeper collective experience of the Integral Yoga, where common aspirations and visions can be explored and linked. In short, AUM 98 will have a spirit of "unity, mutuality, and harmony." 
Art room 
A room will be set aside at AUM for hands-on creative expression. A variety of materials will be available, and at least one group project will take place that anyone and everyone can participate in. 

Music/poetry room 
To raise our sensibilities, a space will be set aside for music and poetry. Here people will be able to read Savitri, chant, sing, and express themselves collectively or individually. Various instruments and materials will be available. 

Children's room 
Children will have their own room at AUM, which will be stocked with books, games, a puppet theater, toys, and other items. Storytelling, singing, and sand sculptures are planned. Supervision will be available during the main presentations, and at other times participants are encouraged to volunteer in the children's room as part of the work-exchange program. 

Group meditations 
There will be daily meditations with the entire group, to strengthen our inner bonds and raise the group consciousness. 

Individual meditations 
Exercises taken from the Mother and Sri Aurobindo's writings will be provided so that people can practice inward concentration during the day. Workshops will bring us together to share our experiences with these meditations, as a way of widening our experience and moving beyond the individual to the collective. 

At least one hiking trip will be organized in the nearby hills, where a small group can create deeper bonds through physical exercise and proximity with the joy and beauty of nature. 

Volleyball games will be scheduled to allow people to engage in a group physical activity that is light, cooperative, and enjoyable. Monte Toyon has a volleyball court next to the dining hall. 

Bulletin board 
A bulletin board will be set up with a photo and list of interests for each person at the AUM. This will allow us to meet others, find common interests, and quickly move beyond the normal human barriers. 

An ample amount of free time will be allowed for spontaneous gatherings and activities. A bulletin board will be maintained where people can post notes announcing such activities. 

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