Journal of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
Summer 1999


"When I was a child of about thirteen, for nearly a year every night as soon as I had gone to bed it seemed to me that I went out of my body and rose straight up above the house, then above the city, very high above. Then I used to see myself clad in a magnificent golden robe, much longer than myself; and as I rose higher, the robe would stretch, spreading out in a circle around me to form a kind of immense roof over the city.

Then I would see men, women, children, old men, the sick, the unfortunate coming out from every side; they would gather under the outspread robe..."

The Mother


  • Why people don't practice the yoga -- The Mother
New letters on yoga
  • Understanding levels of dreams and sleep -- Johannes Vloothuis

Current affairs

Chronicles and reflections

The poetry room
  • Chandresh Patel, Dakshina, August Timmermans, Aurela Sequoia, Sri Aurobindo
Notes from the field
  • Transcending the tangible: The yoga online (Part 2) -- Janis Coker, Chandresh Patel, Ben Irvin, Don Salmon


  • The movies move forward -- Michael Miovic
Source material
  • Reminiscences and observations - Sri Aurobindo


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