Journal of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
Spring 1999


"There's this golden Force pressing down on matter.

It has no material substantiality, yet it feels terribly heavy. It presses down on matter to compel it to turn inwardly toward the Divine -- not an external flight above, but an inner turning toward the Divine.

The apparent outcome seems to be inevitable catastrophes. But along with the sense of inevitable catastrophe, there come solutions to situations or events that are simply miraculous..."

The Mother

  • The unexpected button -- The Mother
New letters on yoga
  • Collab comments

  • On sharing experiences -- Marian Cummins

  • A pact with the queen of spiders -- Bernard Sage

Current affairs

  • Jayantilal Parekh, 1913­1999: The passing of an artist -- Peter Heehs

  • AUM 1999: Savitri in the mountains

  • Digital yoga

  • News

Auroville almanac

  • News update from Auroville Farms -- Isha O'Connell

Chronicles and reflections

  • Traveling to Auroland: A reverie and some strategy -- Gordon Korstange

The poetry room
  • Sarbani, Shyam Kumari, Diedre Maguire, Gene Maslow, Sri Aurobindo, Mike Wyatt
Notes from the field
  • Frontier of the new millenium -- William M. Sullivan

  • Transcending the tangible: The yoga online (Part 1) -- Janis Coker, Chandresh Patel, Ben Irvin, Don Salmon


  • Parts and planes of the being: An introduction -- Matthijs Cornelissen


  • Lisping gizmos and the supercomputer sangha -- David Hutchinson

  • New age novel from India -- Anu Majumdar

Source material

  • Futuric personhood -- Sri Aurobindo


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