Who is a sadhak?



By A.J. Jani

Who is a sadhak?

The one who has an indomitable urge, an intense passion, a surging aspiration to realize:

  1. That one's existence is for the Divine only

  2. That all existence is a manifestation of the ultimate divine energy

  3. That this whole existence is a cosmos -- including life and man -- governed by the law of harmony (ritam)

What is sadhana?

Sadhana is living a life as a sadhak.

Living life is an action of the divine energy, the consciousness-force (chit).

Sadhana is doing all action for the Divine ... only.

Sadhana is doing all action as an instrument of the divine power.

Sadhana is doing all action as originating from the divine shakti.

Sadhana is perceiving all action as done by the Divine -- the master of works -- through his own tapas-shakti.

Sadhana is to realize progressively, consciously, and uninterruptedly that all is integrally one and that the one divine essence is present in all.

* * *

A.J. Jani lives in Tampa, Florida.

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