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Vedic poetry

In thy fires those greater fires of thee nurse every desirable good; they, they race, they run, they drive on in their impulse without a break. Bring to those who laud thee the force of thy impulse. (V.6.6)

O Fire, come to us along they own paths, rapturous, taking pleasure in the comradeship of the gods; making the high plateaus of earth to roar with his rushing strengths, with his tusks of flame he burns the woodlands, all he burns in his desire. (VII.7.2)

O thou of the bright flame-force, fair to vision is thy front when nearest thou shinest out like gold, thy strength moves like the thunder of heaven, rich in thy brilliance thou showest thy light like a Sun. (VII.3.6)

-- from Hymns to the Mystic Fire,
Vedic translations by Sri Aurobindo

A miracle

Written in memory of Eugene (Mickey) Finn

Mickey oh Mickey a miracle you
You taught me about life and
you taught me about Her.

You saved me from death and

changed my whole life
And shortly thereafter you made
me your wife.

The Mother was good to us right

from the start,
And I'll believe in Her always
with all of my heart.

You were the instrument and She

was the light
Who taught me forever what's wrong
and what's right.

I'm grateful to both of you with

every breath,
And nothing will end even with

I'll follow the yoga as I know

it's true --
For She gave me my miracle when
She sent me you.
-- Mary (Angel) Finn


". . . the psychic always prevails in the end and the Divine Help proves effective. Trust in that and persevere -- then the goal is sure."
-- Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga

The mystery of the puzzle surrounded us
in our darkness

Could we ever discover the magic, transmute
the gloss of our elusive world

into earthly delight in the eternal
dance of a mysterious universe?

True, a drear existence seemed the lot
of many on the earth

though ancient Vedic seers had affirmed the world
in original luminous vision

We struggled, dreamed
in the stark reality

The human strife
The misery of the streets

And there was delight!

For they dwelled side by side in the teeming
cities of our world

In the pilgrimage of the journey
we plodded on in penurious wounds

questing toward Fire and the lift
to a better state

And on oracular paths
the conundrum was unriddled, the mystery

illumined in the flame
Life blossomed, transfigured,

redeemed in light
We saw this world

just as the ancient seers
as the beatitude

of Brahman, eternal
radiance of the Divine

-- Joseph Kent

Eternally now

Dappled light
Diamond glistening
On dew-dropped leaves.
Sistine Chapel Wings
Flutter, then flit
Before my foot falls on the path.

I stop,
Caught in the moment
To take a breath
In wonder.

O the magic here!
I behold in pure delight
This blue-winged,
Orange lighted,
Multicolored flight.

Eternally now in this moment
I am.

-- Gale Arnold

Vital yoga

You don't understand
I'm not really like this --
This is just the last of it.
It will be all over soon,
Then I'll emerge free.
That's why I allow it now --
I'm only giving it its last chance.

You'll see.
I'm noble inside --
I'll be on top soon, very soon.
I'll put a stop to it, in just a few days --
It won't last more than another week --
I'm going to quit.
Then it will be done forever.

I know I've said it before
(Too many times to recall)
But this time I mean it.
This time it really will end
And I'll never fall to this condition,
Ever again.

And so you can realize
Why I may be forgiven,
And for the moment,

-- Lynda Lester

* * *

Mary Angel Finn lives in Boston, Massachusetts; Joseph Kent lives in Berkeley, California; Gale Arnold and Lynda Lester live in Boulder, Colorado.

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