Journal of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
Summer 1998


"One thing seems obvious, humanity has reached a certain state of general tension -- tension in effort, in action, even in daily life -- with such an excessive hyperactivity, so widespread a trepidation, that mankind as a whole seems to have come to a point where it must either break through the resistance and emerge into a new consciousness or else fall back into an abyss of darkness and inertia..."

The Mother

  • The evolutionary aim of yoga -- Sri Aurobindo
New letters on yoga
  • Richard Stein, Madhu Kanchi, Lynda Lester, Paula Harrison, Kosha Shah, Lucy Patel, Kant Patel, Don Salmon, John Robert Cornell, Dhruvajyoti, Richard Carlson, Dave Hutchinson, Bhavi, Saklecha, Benjamin Irvin, Tom Cowan, Will Moss, Janis Coker, Carolyn Vaughan

Current affairs

  • Money Power: reconquering a universal force for the divine -- Chandresh Patel

  • Music from Her -- Sunil Bhattacharya

  • Friends say goodbye to Sunil Bhattacharya -- Mauna van der Vlugt

  • Sunil lives on in his music -- Devan Nair


Auroville almanac

  • Light beginnings: the 1998 New Year's report from Auroville -- Mauna van der Vlugt

  • Auroville land report: 1997-1998 -- Guy Ryckaert

  • Heartbreak and challenges -- Jocelyn

  • "Bon" fire: Auroville's 30th birthday -- Joan Tomb

Center to center

  • An ideal center: an aspiration to realize -- Ameeta Mehra

  • The art of living: an exercise in collective yoga -- David Fiedler

Chronicles and reflections

  • Old long since -- K. Amrita

The poetry room

  • Shyam Kumari, Cassia Berman, Gene Maslow


  • The story of Ebenezer: the bird who wanted to walk -- Michael Miovic

Notes from the field

  • Babaji's talk: an interview with Sri Ramkrishnadas -- Vishnubhai Eschner

  • Center holds conference on cellular evolution -- Ariel Browne


  • The Integral Yoga: practice and experience (part 1) -- Manoj Das


  • Raising and educating children in the 21st century -- Jean Korstange

  • Inner peace, outer action -- Soleil

  • The great meaning -- Devan Nair

Source material

  • Mother's Agenda: November 27, 1965


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