Journal of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
Fall 1998


"Consciousness is made up of two elements, awareness of self and things and forces and conscious-power. Awareness is the first thing necessary, you have to be aware of things in the right consciousness, in the right way, seeing them in their truth; but awareness by itself is not enough. There must be a Will and a Force that make the consciousness effective...."

Sri Aurobindo

  • Accepting difficulties with gusto -- The Mother
New letters on yoga
  • Marjorie Kass, Catherine Blackburn, Bernard Sage, David Hutchinson

Current affairs

  • Center for Integral Education update - Prapanna Smith

  • Money Power Project starts new online forum - Chandresh Patel


Sri Aurobindo Association yearly report

The poetry room

  • Sri Aurobindo, Peter Heehs

Center to center

  • Matagiri library opens - Eric Hughes

Special AUM 98 section

  • AUM98: the presence -- Janis Coker

  • Inside AUM -- David Hutchinson

  • Photo Essay -- Lucy Patel, Vishnubhai Eschner

  • Auroville's Village Action: unfolding consciousness -- Bhavana Dee, Aurelio

  • The transitional being: a possibility for the new race -- Georges Van Vrekhem

  • Ideal collectivity: its evolutionary necessity -- Dr. Ananda Reddy

  • The Integral Yoga: practice and experience (part 2) -- Manoj das


  • Beyond the magic -- David Hutchinson

  • The essential writings -- S.R.

Source material

  • Your special mission -- The Mother


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