Wayne and Surama Bloomquist
by Vishnu Eschner 
T e wish to thank Wayne and Surama Bloomquist for seven steadfast years of 
service to our yoga community through the Sri Aurobindo Association. We are 
sorry to see them resign from the board of directors; Wayne is stepping 
down as President and Surama as Secretary. 

Since1990, when the office moved from New York to California, they've 
packed and shipped every book sold by the SAA, guided the planning of the 
annual AUM conferences, and brought out issue after issue of Collaboration. 
Their lives and their home are so closely entwined with the teachings and 
community, that most of the last decade of activities related to Sri 
Aurobindo and Mother in the San Francisco area have been supported by the 
SAA or Wayne. 

The present directors, Dave Hutchinson, Lynda Lester and I, will continue 
to follow the successful course of Wayne's aspiration to build up the SAA 
financially, enlarge its ability to present the teachings, serve the 
community as a liaison with the Ashram and Auroville, and involve more 
people in the process. 

Though they're no longer with the Association, we should not expect to see 
any less of them.  In fact, the Center for Cellular Evolution, presenting a 
conference in Auroville is the latest incarnation of Wayne's unceasing 
quest to discover ways of infusing everyday life with the practice of the 
yoga taught by Sri Aurobindo. 

-Vishnu Eschner,
President, SAA
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