Divine life in the process of evolution

by Wayne Bloomquist
T he Center for Cellular Evolution is holding a conference
 on the Divine Consciousness at work in matter, Auroville, India,
from Jan. 31-Feb. 5, 1998. A post-conference will be held Feb. 6-7.
In May 1968, a disciple wrote to The Mother describing her impressions of
Mother's work. When Mother replied, she found herself writing in an
unfamiliar and "small" handwriting. Inwardly she became aware that Sri
Aurobindo, her spiritual collaborator, was replying through her. Her words
of 4 May, 1968, appear in vol. 9 of Mother's Agenda:

 "Divine life in the process of evolution; the Divine Consciousness
at work in matter - here is, so to speak, what this existence represents."

This year, thirty years after this communication we will gather as an
international family of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, in Auroville, the
city of the future which Mother envisioned. We want to investigate,
research, experience, celebrate, and reconsecrate the Mother's ongoing
Yogic work in matter, in our very cells.Our gathering wants to be cellular
in nature: interactive, interdependent, circular, collaborative,
cooperative, dancing/moving, celebrative, immersed in her; in service to

 We will enjoy/join with presenters from all over the world who both
know and love the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and who work in the realms of
cellular evolution or cellular healing.

The conference will be centered at Quiet, one of three healing centers in
Auroville International Township. Quiet focuses particularly on cellular
and subtle healing. It is located in a pristine setting on the Bay of
Bengal between Auroville and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram on the eastern shore
of southern India.

If paid before Aug. 31, the 5-day Conference fee is $150;  after Aug. 31-
before Nov. 31, fee is $175;  at the gate, the fee will be $200.
Post-conference workshops are $25/day.

For registration, accommodations, airfare,  and other information, please
contact:  Wayne Bloomquist, Center for Cellular Evolution, 1790 Highland
Place, Berkeley, CA  94709; Tel: 510-848-1838; Fax: 510-848-8531

- Wayne Bloomquist
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