All-USA Meeting (AUM) 1997

Sri Aurobindo 125th anniversary commemorative conference


by Julian Lines
AUM 97 online group
The 1997 AUM conference, Practice and Experience 
 in the Integral Yoga, will be held at Pathworks Center, Phoenicia, 
New York, from July 25-29. The meeting is sponsored by the Matagiri Center 
for the Evolution of Consciousness (MCEC), which is located in nearby Mt. 

Come and join this gathering of our extended spiritual family. Speakers, 
seekers, new and old friends will be converging from the Sri Aurobindo 
Ashram, Auroville and various centers and locations from around the globe 
to share practices and experiences of Sri Aurobindo and Mother's Integral 

The location is beautiful and peaceful, with miles of hiking trails in the 
Catskill Mountains. The fee for the conference includes all lectures, 
workshops, slide shows, videos, and classes (yoga, tai chi, etc.); a shared 
room (linens and towels), three meals, and snacks; and use of the swimming 
pool, tennis courts, and meeting facilities. You are invited to remain 
after the conference at Pathworks if space is available. 


Manoj Das: Award winning author and member of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 
where he served as a trustee. A native of Orissa and an internationally 
recognized essayist, he was the keynote speaker at the Los Angeles AUM in 

Devan Nair: Founder of the Sri Aurobindo Society of Singapore, Devan is 
widely respected for his knowledge of the Yoga. Labor activist and former 
President of Singapore, he is at work on his memoirs. 

William Sullivan: Willaim Sullivan has spent years working on the 
Matrimandir and is currently involved with the Center for Scientific 
Research, which has pioneered Auroville's involvement with ferrocement, mud 
brick and other appropriate technologies. He also wrote the comprehensive 
history, The Dawning of Auroville. He lives in Verite. 

Debashish Banerjee: A knowledgeable student of Sri Aurobindo and teacher of 
Sanskrit, he conducts weekly classes on Sri Aurobindo's major works at the 
East-West Cultural Center in Los Angeles. 

Elizabeth Hin: Spiritual teacher and counselor residing in Santa Fe, New 
Mexico, she is founder of the White Rose Foundation and serves to promote 
the harmony of world religions. 

Robert A. F. Thurman: The first American Tibetan Buddhist monk and author 
of several books on Tibet, he is professor of Indo-Tibetan Studies and 
chair of the Department of Religion at Columbia University. 

Raymond Gombach: This actor and sacred storyteller presents sacred myths 
and legends from the "Rivers of God" including, from the Mahabharata, the 
story of Savitri. 

Subha Ramesh Parmar: Bharata natyam artist and winner of numerous 
international awards, she communicates the spirit of this ancient art 
through lightening-fast footwork, expressive gestures and intricate 

Tentative presenters 

Dr. Karan Singh: Scholar, author, cabinet minister and former ambassador to 
the U. S., Dr. Singh currently serves as a member of the Raja Sabha. 

Dr. Kalaamani: Professor of English literature at Bharathidasan University, 
she is a scholar on Sri Aurobindo's poetry, and author of Sri Aurobindo: 
His Mind and Art. 

Kala Ramnathan: A child prodigy in classical Indian violin, coming from a 
long line of Indian musicians, she is considered one of India's finest 
violinists. She toured the U.S. in 1994 with her teacher, Pandit Jasraj. 

Additional Workshops and Activities: 

Miriam Belov (Relaxation, Wellness and Healing), Larry Seidlitz (Astrology, 
Psychology and Spirituality - bring exact birth time for charting), Tom 
O'Brien (Movement, Chanting and Meditation), Wendy Lines (Hatha Yoga with 
Mantra), Melissa Michaels (The Body as an Expression of the Sacred). 

-Julian Lines
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