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The Synthesis of Yoga  online study/discussion was begun on February 29, 1996 and is currently studying the 6th chapter "The Synthesis of the Disciplines of Knowledge".


by Girish Mantry 
T he purpose of this list is to study the Synthesis of Yoga collectively in
order to gain a better intellectual understanding of fundamentals of
Integral Yoga Sadhana as it is laid out in this work. Though the group
primarily caters to the needs of Integral Yoga sadhaks, with emphasis on
sadhana, discussion with a philosophy and research orientation is not

We study one chapter at a time on a biweekly basis.  Summaries for the
chapter under discussion (prepared by Dave Hutchinson) are first sent out,
followed by a message on the chapter from a member of the group who has
volunteered to work on the the chapter. This is followed by discussion from
the members.

Group members are encouraged to read the current  chapter before entering
the discussion and to keep in mind that personal spiritual growth is the
primary focus of discussion.

We encourag  a lot of freedom in the contributions within the theme of the
current chapter.  Members may summarise,  paraphrase, share experiences, or
compare other writings of Sri Aurobindo.

To subscribe: Please send an E-mail message to
<>with the body of the message as follows:

                subscribe synthesis your-full-name.

Girish Mantry, the current coordinator for the synthesis list, is also an
active member of the  auroconf and  savitri mailing lists.  Originally from
Hyderabad, India, currently living in the  San Francisco bay area,  Girish
is a software engineer by profession .  He intends to eventually settle
down in  Pondy or Auroville .

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