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Auroville is now on the World Wide Web, at The following is taken from the
welcome page. Their Web site contains extensive information on the city, its history, how to become a resident, outreach programs, how to contact Aurovillians by e-mail, and a guide for visitors.


by Bill Sullivan 
You have virtually arrived in Auroville, India. Auroville 
 is a state of consciousness under construction. It is not exactly 
what you think it is because there's nothing really like it for comparison. 
About a thousand people are here from all over the world to work for the 
new world that is trying to be born on our earth. 

T few clarifications may or may not help you to find out what it is. 
Auroville is not a religion but it has a spiritual basis. The Government of 
India has recognized that it belongs to "humanity as a whole" so there's no 
private property. The Community attempts self-organization and aims toward 
self-sufficiency in this bio-region. 

Auroville began in 1968 on a few thousand acres of barren coastal land and 
has over the years restored the eco-habitat towards a sustainable future. 
An extreme diversity of Aurovillians make Auroville their home to create a 
living laboratory for the human species. Such a unique experiment has, 
however, been endorsed by the United Nations and many other governmental 
and non-governmental organizations throughout the world. 
If all this makes Auroville seem even more difficult to comprehend, the 
secret is nobody really does know how or why it works and many "experts" 
said it would not work. Still, many of the processes, the projects, the 
on-going work can be explained and explored, but there's more to it as you 
can guess. The more you get into it, the more intriguing it becomes. Step 

Bill Sullivan,  a long time resident of Auroville, has written a book about 
the city titled The Dawning of Auroville. 

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