The synergistic duo

by Arun Vaidya
Sam Spanier and Eric Hughes
Becoming a Bridge between East and West 
Tmagine—a small locomotive chugging  along a mountainside whispering, “Yes I CAN …Yes I CAN …Yes I CAN” as it ascends. One might hear a gentle breeze whispering on the Mother’s Mountain, “Yes, I can be a bridge between East and West…help me and guide me.” And if one can be quiet within, one might listen to that melody—“Huff and puff…huff and puff…huff and puff…puff-puff- I surrender to YOU ever more.”  This journey has many stations on the mountain of self-surrender! 

Such is the commitment of  Sam Spanier and Eric Hughes, the synergistic duo who have opened a cultural and geographic gate of unity between East and West. Through Matagiri they have provided an opportunity to fellow seekers of  Integral Yoga to review one’s individual path and correlate it with the Mother’s will to manifest the truth of life divine. How? By visiting Matagiri, the mountain of self-surrender and consecration. 

The comradery between Sam and Eric has been synergistic. They have toiled for decades with faith in the Divine Mother and surrendered to be her workers in bringing the presence to the USA. It has been a lofty undertaking but nevertheless an arduous journey. Their work has taken roots and is bearing fruits—and harmony and dedication to the Divine Mother will be the cornerstone of all who are affiliated with Matagiri. 

Matagiri is located in a tranquil Catskill mountain range in the New York State. You can visit and discover your own truth of the being, find the path to follow based on your own inspirations, convictions, and enfolding divine grace. Sri Aurobindo’s relics are in the meditation room and the Mother’s statement to Sam, “You can be a link between East and West” permeates the mountain of self surrender to uplift us to a new height! 

—Arun Vaidya,
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