Staying awake

I Almost Slept Through My Dream Come True, Strategies for Staying Awake, by Sally J. Walton, 1997.


by Sally Walton
My new book provides readers with solutions to the procrastinating delays and hurdles people erect to prevent them from making their dreams come true. I encourage you to enjoy and savor the smallest accomplishments and to make life a grateful celebration. 

The book is about the possibility of being spiritually aware, even consecrated, in our day-to-day life. To see our life as spiritual practice doesn't happen in one swoosh of a magic wand. It takes daily remembering. My book is a nudge toward remembering. 

Tor example, in my own life, I've recently started to use traffic as a spiritual practice. I found drivers seemed to be getting more aggressive and that I was as well. My car was becoming a stress box. One day I realized I could use red lights and discourteous drivers as a trigger - not for stress, but for remembering...a moment to take a deep breath, maybe even smile or say a centering phrase. 

Staying Awake is available from BookPartners, Inc. P.O. Box 922, Wilsonville, OR 97070. Phone: 800-895-7323. Email: 

—Sally Walton, 
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