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One day
The little more

One day, and all the half-dead is done,
One day and all the unborn begun;
A little path and the great goal,
A touch that brings the divine whole.

Hill after hill was climbed and now,
Behold, the last tremendous brow
And the great rock that none has trod:
A step, and all is sky and God.

-- Sri Aurobindo

On the threshold

It is getting late
toward the end of the twentieth century.
I rest beside the blue ocean.
I wait in this sea city
in touch with global news.
It is getting late
as we explore --
O progressive world of luminous release!
Is it not late on the threshold
of ascent?

-- Joseph Kent

Starry night
(San Francisco)

The secret of happiness lies
in a creative fusion of the
unique and the cosmic.
-- Haridas Chaudhuri

Starry night in June

I climb to the silence
of my roof overlooking the bay.

Above, the stars . . .

Galaxies adrift. A sublime
arching over and under
of this cosmos.

And here, this terrestrial sphere --
this earth awaits release

of her silvery realities
to come.

-- Joseph Kent

(Mother's mountain)

Beautiful mountain
what do you do

what do you do
when pewtered clouds
obscure you
from my view

when lightning
thrills the sky
I wonder
what ancient mantras
do you chant
within the sound of thunder . . .

Or do you pray
and bide the time
till each man knows
The Way to climb.

-- Deirdre Maguire

Wind's rapture of being

May I live like a movement of the wind
Free and unbound, swiftly moving with its sound.
Birth and death seemingly mysterious in their origin
Yet as sure happenings for the life to move forward.
Life manifesting in myriad forms and shapes and colors
Intricately patterned with all their grandeur and grace.
All events and happening linked together
Uniquely express life's freshness and freedom
Leaving the refreshing marvel touch
Of that gentle breeze for the moving mortal's play.
Let 'me' disappear and vanish into the nothingness
Of the sweeping gentle breeze.

-- Smt. Malati Jani

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