Journal of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

Fall/Winter 2001-2002 -- Vol. 27, No. 3


“What has to be developed is there in our being and not something outside it . . . It is, besides, a step for which the whole of evolution has been a preparation and which is brought closer at each crisis of human destiny . . . What is necessary is that there should be a turn in humanity felt by some or many toward the vision of this change, a feeling of its imperative need, the sense of its possibility, the will to make it possible in themselves and to find a way.”

Sri Aurobindo, Life Divine, p. 1059

From the office of Collaboration

  • Notes on this issue 4
  • 11 September 2001: A meditation

New letters on yoga

  • 9/11: ‘No other way’
  • From our readers

Current affairs

  • AUM 2001 held in Redwood City, California
  • AUM photos come to SASP
  • AVI meeting held in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • New center established in Canada
  • Centers email list is resurrected
  • Wilmot Center and Lotus Press conduct outreach
  • Briefs
  • Passings: Micheline Etevenon and Joe Spanier


The yoga today

Source material

  • Sri Aurobindo on self-consecration
  • Mother on surrender and yoga

The poetry room

  • Seer -- Joseph Kent
  • Leaves of alabaster -- Gene Maslow
  • Vision of the invisible -- Nirodbaran
  • Your face -- Nirodbaran

Gnostic knots

  • Goin’ for the gold -- Rick Lipschutz and Vishnu Eschner



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