Journal of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
Fall 2000 -- Vol. 26, No. 3


"This then is the first necessity, that the individual, each individual, shall discover the Spirit, the divine reality within him and express that in all his being and living. A divine life must be first and foremost an inner life; for since the outward must be the expression of what is within, there can be no divinity in the outer existence if there is not the divinisation of the inner being."

Sri Aurobindo

  • Cells of a feather -- Mother on how to have better meetings
New letters on yoga
  • From our readers -- Joseph Kent, Margaret Phanes, Alice Webb, Bob Zwicker, B. Y.
  • Questions -- Bruce Forsythe
Current affairs
  • AUM 2001 to be held near San Francisco
  • CIF schedules 50th anniversary talks
  • AVI meets in Lebensgarten, Germany
  • New AVI Canada board formed
  • First All India Meet held in Nainital
  • Selected works of Sri Aurobindo available on CD
  • MyIntegralYoga.URL
  • Farewell to Trudy King

AV almanac
  • Platforming in SAWCHU -- Auroville tries a new type of meeting

  • The view from nine decades, part 2 -- An interview with Udar Pinto
  • Travels with Swami Ananta, part 1 -- The author is sent to Greece on a strange mission -- Michael Miovic
The yoga today
  • Sunlit crystal, sunlit path -- Matrimandir is a center of peace, light, and dynamic force -- August Timmermans
  • Eye contact with God -- In which the universe is seen to live happily ever after -- Lynda Lester
  • The triple time vision -- Last chapter of Synthesis describes 'trikaladrishti' -- David Hutchinson


  • A plethora of periodicals -- 44 journals in the Integral Yoga -- Sri Aurobindo Association
  • Millenial reading list -- 48 books to expand your consciousness -- Lynda Lester
  • Reviews:
    • Growing up with the Mother, by Tara Jauhar
    • The Radiance of Being, by Allan Combs
    • The Best Spiritual Writing 2000, ed. Philip Zaleski

The poetry room

  • Gleam -- Joseph Kent
  • Mother's darshan -- Cassia Berman
  • Listening -- Sharon Winnett
  • Full moon -- Bernard Sage
  • Meeting with divine truth -- Vanessa Henshall

Gnostic knots

  • Proof of artificial intelligence
  • Yogic competency quiz
  • Supermarket yoga best sellers
  • Shakti packets
  • Question for God
  • City Soul Siddhi

Source material

  • The road ahead -- Sri Aurobindo on gnostic collectivity


  • Singular quotes: "Picasso insisted everything was miraculous....".

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