Integral Yoga in America: Knowledge, practice, and community

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Integral Yoga community

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The Integral Yoga community in the USA is a loose collection of centers, organizations, study groups, online groups, and individuals. There is no central authority or organization—rather, many approaches are taken to the yoga according to different needs, purposes, visions, natures, and locales.

Centers are usually nonprofit trusts, have a central location, and offer regular programs, facilities, and activities.

Organizations are groups of people organized around a common purpose such as fund-raising, networking, distribution of information, grant making, or book sales.

Study groups hold regular meetings to study the written works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Distributed groups include active discussion groups that take place via email list servers, blogs, social media pages, and Skype calls.

For information on groups outside the USA, see the Miraura website.



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