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The Mother's International School

            The Mother's International School is a Senior Secondary (10+2) public school founded in 1956. It is an English medium co-educational institution affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education and offers courses in science, commerce and humanities.

            The school strives to create an awakening of cultural and spiritual values in accordance with the teaching of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. It has a distinctive ethos of its own. It aims at building an integrated personality by attempting to harmonize the different elements that constitute the individual - body, thoughts, feelings and impulses, aspirations and seeking.

             There are extensive facilities for training in games and sports, gymnastics, etc. The school has been adopted by the Sports Authority of India for coaching in several sports. There are around thirty SUPW (Socially Useful and Productive Work) activities including music, dance, painting, photography, batik,  clay-modeling, candle-making, chalk-making, embroidery, puppetry, carpentry, gardening, Nature Club etc. Great stress is laid on physical education and cultural activities.

The institution benefits from the serene Ashram ambience and mutual interaction with the other institutions on the same  campus.

Mira Nursery School

               This school caters to the needs of children in the age group of 4 to 5 years and acts as a stepping stone to the Mother's International School.

               The school combines the best of the playway and conventional methods with very little regimentation and an open and flexible environment. The physical, mental and emotional aspects of education are sought to be realized through a carefully planned program and the base is prepared by awakening in the child an interest to learn. Concepts are introduced through art, crafts, music and Montessori apparatus.


Mirambika Free Progress School

                      The Free Progress School is a pilot unit  in Free Progress Education. It aims at expanding the mental, creative and physical capacities of each child spontaneously. At the base of this process of integral growth stands the unfolding of the psychic being which is the guide throughout. The education is child-centered. Teachers and children play, work and learn together. Instead of formal classroom education and examinations, the children learn through the Project Method.

                     The Research & Resource Wing of the school is doing research on the integration of the higher levels of consciousness in several fields of human endeavor, but with a special focus on education. It is developing new methods for integral learning and is an exchange center for ideas, techniques and materials.