Aurelio Hammer

Aurelio Hammer

Aurelio Hammer is an Austrian-born Sound Explorer. Deeply listening, his life-long search and sound journey for the secret of our existence led him through many countries and cultures before he settled in Auroville, South India, where he practices the path of the Integral Yoga.

Combining the gifts of an artist, musician, cultural and social activist, and visionary, Aurelio leads workshops internationally. He innovates a pioneering community and craft project, building musical instruments (

Aurelio also works as a creative director, ceremonial musician, sound healer, voice teacher, coach, and consultant for personal and collective transformation towards a more wholesome and sound, energetic, and creative way of life.

Invocation, Tuning, Musical Offering

As our present day life is full of challenges, be they personal, social, health, professional, or environmental, we are looking for new sources of energy, creativity, inspiration, and peace. Too often we look and hunt for the new and harmonizing force outside, while in fact the hidden inner potential lies undiscovered in ourselves.

In this integrative, contemplative, and creative work we understand ourselves as an instrument for larger cosmic energies and learn through simple and playful exercises to discern the different planes and parts of our being. The physical, emotional, intellectual, and psychic dimensions of our life will be explored and brought into deeper awareness and finally resound fresh and inspired in the symphony of our life's journey. Listening to the song of personal freedom ...

Fields of exploration, healing, and harmonization:

The Musical Offering on Friday night will incorporate excerpts from Prayers and Meditations that reflect the sadhana of the Mother and which can be shared as chants for all to join in to inspire and deepen our own 'practice.'

Mantra in Integral Yoga

In a contemplative exploration we will open to the vibratory dimension of our existence. We will learn about the Mother's experiences and recommendations in that field and how they can support the sadhana.

Sri Aurobindo's symbol

Mother's symbol