AUM 2008 -- Trail between dormitories

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View of Barclay reunion cabin

This gives an idea of the distance from Twin Sisters lodge (where this photo was taken) to Barclay reunion cabin, located across the gully. AUM participants may want to attend activities (such as meditations, games, and orientations) in both dorms.

View of Twin Sisters from Barclay

This is an opposite view of the distance from Barclay reunion cabin (where this photo was taken) to Twin Sisters lodge, located across the gully. The hike between the two dormitories takes 15-20 minutes, although there is a road that can be driven.

Trail leading up to Barclay

A trail from Barclay reunion cabin leads down a hill, through the gully, and up another hill to Twin Sisters lodge.

Steps leading up to back side of Twin Sisters lodge

A trail from Twin Sisters lodge leads down a series of steps, across a gully, and up another hill to Barclay reunion cabin.

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