AUM 2008 in the Rockies

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Fitness and medical conditions

Looking up at Twin Sisters lodge from the trail going to Barclay reunion cabin Some climbing is involved if you wish to take the trail between Twin Sisters lodge and Barclay reunion cabin. (You can also drive on a blacktop road.)

Hikes into the wilderness will be optional at AUM 2008, and quiet, contemplative activities will be available for those who do not wish to engage in physically challenging activities. Even so, some of the buildings at AUM 2008 will be a considerable distance apart, and the trail between the two dorms is about 1/4 mile with a 50-foot elevation change. • Map showing dorms, driveable roads, and possible AUM meeting facilities

Wheelchair-accessible rooms are available, and we plan to provide some rides between points in camp -- however, the quantity or frequency of these rides may not be guaranteed. If walking is a problem for you (especially at high altitude), it might be good to bring your own car, or arrange in advance for someone to drive you from one point to another. As a general rule, attendees at AUM 2008 should be able to walk a mile.

People with health problems such as respiratory ailments or heart conditions that might be exacerbated by altitude or mild exertion should check with their physician before deciding to come to AUM 2008.

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